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  • Mount: T-mount standard (pitch 0.75mm, thread 42mm)
  • Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 MF...
    Ref. TO1-SZX500


    Eco-taxe: 0.08€

    Tokina completes the SZ range by adding 100mm of focal length to the previous Tokina SZX 400mm F8 MF catadioptric lens: the new Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF changes the game and is available with or without mount adapter.

  • Tokina SZX SUPER TELE 400mm F8 Reflex...
    Ref. TO1-SZX400


    Eco-taxe: 0.08€

    Back in 1980s Tokina shocked the camera market by releasing two epoch-making lenses – SZ-X 210 (70-210mm f/4-5.6) and SZ-X 270 (28-70mm f/3.5-4.5). Common characteristics that can be applied to those 2 lenses are, by no doubts, extremely compact and extremely lightweight body compared to other zoom lenses of equal focal length. Tokina was the first lens manufacturer that succeeded in developing tele and standard zoom lenses with such valuable advantages for the photographers.