COKIN EVO - Circular Polariser filter 127mm - XL size (X-Pro Series)

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EVO Circular Polariser will give the best of your Filter system

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EVO circular polariser 105mm is designed to be used with EVO Filter-holder but can be used also on a lens with 105mm thread. The EVO C-PL absorbs 1 f.stop of light, gives ideal saturation of color and improves contrast, it also lowers the light reflexions on non-metallic surfaces. Its effect can be adjusted by rotating its front ring and cannot be achieved with post-processing softwares. The filter comes with an elegant soft-touch box to carry it safely.


Data sheet

XL (système X-Pro)
Compatible rings
BXE01 EVO Filter-holder
Exposure compensation
1 f-stop

Specific References

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