NUANCES Extreme Soft Graduated GND4S, GND8S, GND16S Kit - L-size

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Kit including 3 NUANCES Extreme Filters

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The NUANCES Extreme kit include 3 Graduated Soft filters with 2, 3 and 4 f.stops max density. NUANCES Extreme filters are made of a highly resistant mineral glass, able to resist accidental fall and introducing innovative technology.A new coating process ensures an uniform density and a nano metallic alloy is applied on both side of a highly resistant tempered glass, resulting in a stunning neutrality. Nuances Extreme Soft Grade ND4,ND8 and ND16 allow up to 2, 3 and 4 f.stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the top of the filter. Round corners and 2mm thickness makes Nuances Extreme filters easier to insert in extreme conditions. COKIN recommends the use of EVO filter-Holder to ensure an efficient light-leaks protection.


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3 NUANCES Extreme Graduated filters with individual pouch
System size
L (Z-Pro series)

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