NUANCES Extreme ND1024, Soft GND8S, Reverse GND4R filters Smart Kit - L-size

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    Kit including 3 NUANCES Extreme Filters

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    The Smart Kit is an ideal solution to equip yourself as it includes 3 of our best-selling NUANCES Extreme Filters, Full ND1024, Soft Graduated ND8 and Reverse Graduated ND4. UANCES Extreme filters are made of a highly resistant mineral glass, able to resist accidental fall and introducing innovative technology.A new coating process ensures an uniform density and a nano metallic alloy is applied on both side of a highly resistant tempered glass, resulting in a stunning neutrality. Nuances Extreme Reverse Grade ND4 allows up to 2 f.stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the middle of the filter to the top, effect of the filter is therefore less marked than on soft Grade filters. Nuances Extreme Soft Grade ND8 allows up to 3 f.stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the top of the filter. Nuances Extreme ND1024 will catch 10 f.stops of light, dedicating its use to long-exposure photography and/or depth of field reduction in extremely bright conditions for video shooting. Round corners and 2mm thickness makes Nuances Extreme filters easier to insert in extreme conditions. COKIN recommends the use of EVO filter-Holder to ensure an efficient light-leaks protection.


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    3 NUANCES Extreme filters with individual pouch
    System size
    L (Z-Pro series)

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