NUANCES Extreme Hard Graduated GND4H, GND8H, GND16H Kit - XL size

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Kit with 3 NUANCES Extreme filters size XL

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The GRADUATED ND hard transition kit contains a GND4, a GND8 and a GND16 Nuances Extreme filters, all three of which have a hard transition, i.e. a very short transition between the darkest part of the filter (ND8 or 3 diaphs of absorption) and the most transparent part. A GND8 filter with a hard transition is particularly necessary when using a long focal length, or a digital camera equipped with an M4/3 sensor. The use of a graduated ND filter with a very fast transition is also suitable for a landscape with a very bright background such as a sky, and which has a straight boundary with a darker foreground. A typical example is a skyline over the ocean, which is part of a view where you want to darken the sky evenly. As for their robustness, the NUANCES Extreme filters are made of highly resistant tempered mineral glass, which can withstand an accidental drop depending on the angle of the filter.

Like our previous Nuances Extreme kits, the new GRADUATED ND hard transition kit is available in our 3 sizes M, L and XL. For the L size (100mm wide filters), we recommend the use of the Cokin NX-Series filter-holder. Each filter will require a metal frame which is available individually (ref. FR143NXS) or in a 2-piece kit (ref. FRD03NXS).


Data sheet

130g per filter
tempered mineral glass
130 x 130 x 2.3mm
Carrying pouch
included (x3)
System size
XL (X-Pro series)
Grade type
short (Hard transition)
Max of f.stops
2 or 3 or 4
Transmission min (%)
6 or 12.5 or 25
Density max
0.6 or 0.9 or 1.2

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