COKIN NUANCES - GND16 Graduated Neutral Density Filter 4 f.stops - XL-size 130mm (X-Pro.series)

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Nuances filters are perfect for long-exposure, perfectly neutral, you'll get stunning results.
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NUANCES filters are made of mineral glass, introducing innovative technology.A new coating process ensures an uniform density and a nano metallic alloy is applied on both side of a highly resistant tempered Schott Glass B270, renowned for its high transmittance and low reflection. The result is a stunning neutrality, completely free of infrared pollution. Nuances GND16 will catch 4 f.stops of light at its top with a soft transition. By rotating the filter in the holder and sliding it up and down you can adjust its effect while framing. NUANCES Graduated neutral filter are perfect to balance exposure or accentuate the drama effect of a cloudy sky without any color cast, making it the ideal tool for landscape photography.

Data sheet

XL (système X-Pro)
130 x 170 x 2.3mm
Exposure compensation
4 f-stops
Mineral glass

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