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The Slik Creator’s Kit bundles three popular Slik products that function together as a complete support system for creators in the studio as well as in the field.

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The SLIK CREATOR'S STUDIO Kit consists of the SLIK Creator's Clamp, the SLIK SBH-400AS ball head and the SLIK Sliding Arm II. Depending on the configuration of your shots, it is possible to use only the Creator's Clamp with the supplied head, or also add the SLIK Sliding Arm II if you want to move your camera from the mounting point, to quickly build a reproduction bench on a table for example.

SLIK Creator’s Clamp is a versatile pole & clamp kit that allows a camera to be fixed to the location where a tripod can’t be placed, such as on desks, pipes, & etc. Combination with an optional tripod head and SLIK Sliding Arm II, it is possible to freely set various camera angles, as well as “birds-eye view”. The upper clamping jaw is reversible and can be changed to suit the condition of the installation area. An “Accessory Hole” of the clamp that can attach accessories such as, lights, microphones, etc.  In addition, when the tripod head is attached to the clamp body via the tripod head mount adapter, a camera can be installed to a horizontal rail such as a handrail or fence.

The professional Sliding Arm II is a universal mini-boom that works with almost any tripod that can have the head removed. It allows creators access to multiple unique angles and vantage points not possible with a traditional tripod and head setup. The arm is connected to a fulcrum that allows rotation, tilt and slide for free movement in almost any direction. The arm extends up to 19.5” from the tripod's center column to capture "lay-flat" overhead perspectives useful for vlogging, video tutorials, macro photography and more. To position the camera, the sliding arm features 2 knobs. One controls the slide and the other controls rotation and angle. A hook is included, opposite the head, to attach a counterweight (not sold by Slik) for increased stability as the arm extends away from the tripod's center of gravity. The versatility of the Sliding Arm makes it a great companion for product photographers, v-loggers, studio professionals and amateur enthusiasts searching for new perspectives. 

The compact professional Slik SBH-400AS ball head is a lightweight, low-profile head with an independent pan lock knob. The low-profile quick release plates may be left on the camera and won’t hinder vertical shooting.  The cam lock quick release system allows users to attach the camera from the top of the platform without sliding in or out of the grooves. Weighing just .6 lbs, the SBH-400AS ball head supports up to 8.8 lbs. of gear. The head is capable of handling a professional DSLR with standard lens. The head also has a separate lock with degree markings around the base for stitching together panoramic photos. The head to tripod connection is a standard U3/8" thread and comes with a U1/4 20" thread adapter to mount to your tripod legs of choice.


Data sheet

8.5cm (Ball Head)
540g (Creator’s Clamp), 275g (Ball Head), 530g (Sliding Arm II)
497mm (Sliding Arm II)
Height max
370mm (from mounting surface)
505mm (L) x 105mm (W) (Creator’s Clamp)
Load max
5 kg (Creator’s Clamp, flat surface), 2 kg (Creator’s Clamp, round object), 2 kg (Sliding Arm II), 4 kg (Ball Head)
Sliding range
345mm (pole)
Pole diameter
24mm (Creator’s Clamp)
Thread of head mounting screw
U1/4 (Creator’s Clamp)
Compatible thickness (flat surface)
5mm - 75mm
Compatible thickness (pipe)
20mm - 48.6mm
Thread for tripod mounting screw
U3/8’’ (Sliding Arm II)
Thread of head mounting screw
U1/4 20’’ (Sliding Arm II)

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