SLIK I-Bracket Quick Release Plate "Arca-Swiss" compatible

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An I-dea product that supports vertical position even though its “I” shape.

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SLIK introduces uniquely designed camera plate “I-Bracket”. Today, Arca Swiss compatible products become common among photographers. And among that category, "L-type plate" is very popular. The quick shoe coming with the pan head is a simple plate which must be attached to the bottom of the camera, and which must be tilted down to 90° when pointing the camera vertically. Tilting to 90 degrees with a conventional tripod head changes the composition of the camera. In addition, the center of gravity of the camera is offset from the center of the tripod, increasing the risk of falling. The L-bracket compensates for these drawbacks and can quickly attach the camera to the tripod head horizontally or vertically. The L-Bracket is an L-shaped camera plate with an interface attached to the tripod head at the bottom and side of the camera. All L-brackets are based on Arca-Swiss standards and have various advantages.  

1. Easy to attach and detach the camera from the platform.

2. The center of gravity position of the camera can be placed near the center of the tripod head. 

3. You can keep the horizontal position of the tripod head.

4. The composition does not change significantly.

The L-bracket, which has many advantages, also has its drawbacks. Many L-brackets are designed specifically for specific cameras.  Because, most of cameras have many electric terminals on the opposite side of the handgrip, which can make access to them difficult. SLIK I-Bracket is a unique product that take advantage of L-brackets and compensate for their drawbacks.

1. Perfect fit for a variety of mirrorless cameras

The screw position can be adjusted forward, backward, left and right to fit the popular full-size mirrorless cameras. The camera does not rotate even when in portrait position Thanks to the bank of the bracket.

2. Back of the I-Bracket

It is equipped with a bolt with a hexagonal hole for adjusting the screw position and a bolt with a hexagonal hole with a loophole of the Arca shoe.

3. Adjusting the camera screw position

By loosening two hex socket bolts, you can move camera screw unit 10 mm from side to side.

In addition, there are two rows of screw holes at 10 mm intervals, so you can move camera mounting screw up to 20 mm.

4. Camera screw can be fixed with a coin

In addition to hex wrenches, it is also possible to tighten the camera screw using a coin.

5. Unique "I" shape for increased versatility

Among the many L-type brackets, SLIK offer "I" type.

Does not disturb terminal covers for various interfaces

6. Vertical position is possible even in "I" shape

The end of the bracket is also Arca-Swiss standard, so the camera can be mounted on the tripod head in a vertical position.

7. Minimize optical axis shifting even position change

The I-bracket minimizes optical axis shifting even if the horizontal position is changed to a vertical position.


Data sheet

Aluminum alloy
Load max
Compatible rings
Canon Eos R5 / R6 / R7, Sony A1 / A7IV / A7III / A7RIV, Nikon Z6 / Z6II / Z7 / Z7II, Fuji X-T3 / X-T2
18 x 38 x 97 mm (H x W x D)
Quick Release Plate
Arca-Swiss type with 1/4”-20 screw
Not supported
Fuji X-H2 / X-H2S / X-T4, Canon Eos R3 or Canon Eos with grip, Nikon Z9

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